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Chris Liu uses digital and traditional mediums to create original characters and to visually tell their stories.


Starting from a young age, Chris was mentored by professional comic artists Jo & Christina Chen. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Kinetic Imaging where he honed his craft in visual storytelling through illustration, sequential artwork, animation, and video.


Chris has worked on various freelance projects for publishers and filmmakers around the world, from storyboards to concept artwork.

His artwork focuses on dynamic motion and tone in every frame.




  • Digital & Traditional Illustration Mediums

  • Character Artwork & Illustration

  • Cinematography & Sequential Scene Design / Composition
  • Visual Storytelling


Simplicity Pictures

Producer / Pre-production Artist – 2022-present

  • Storyboard and Concept Artist for independent feature film, directed by Peter Jang


Monstructors (Table-top Card Game) -

Illustrator / Sequential Artist – 2020-present

  • Illustrated character artwork, comic short, and promotional artwork

  • Consulted on story and provided script revisions

Thibodeau Media Group -

Concept Artist / Storyboard Artist / Animator / Video Editor – 2018

  • Rendered pre-production artwork (storyboards, key concept art)

  • Created animated short for product presentation

Simplicity Pictures

Pre-production Artist – 2014-2016

  • Storyboard and Concept Artist for independent films directed by Peter Jang

  • Storyboard Artist for short film - BOSS UZI

  • Storyboard Artist for short film - BUSINESS MEN

  • Concept Artist for short film - OREXIN

  • Concept Artist for short film - SCENE FOR LEO

  • Concept Artist for short film - VICTORY

  • Concept Artist for short film - VEGAS


Red Stylo Media -

Comic Artist – 2014-2016

  • STAR THIEF - Pencil artist and inker

  • 27 CLUB ANTHOLOGY - Pencil artist, inker, and colorist


Vizcaya Swimwear

Graphic Designer & Illustrator – 2013-2014

  • Created promotional illustrations for luxury swimline company

  • Designed promotional flyers for pageant-style spokesmodel contest


Polina Grinberg

Production Assistant – 2012-2013

  • Production and design researcher and organizer

  • Assisted with animation and image capture processes during production


Legend of Tivara

Graphic Novel Artist & Illustrator – 2011-2014

  • Concept Artist & Comic Artist for independent multi-media project



  • Noir Crystal 2020

  • Eze - 2020

  • Geeky Chic Accessories –  2014

  • Casa Rosada Artisan Gelato – 2014

  • Fede nel Regno del Funghi – 2013-2014

  • Island Motivision Studios – 2013

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